Witkowitz Envi produce large volume storage tanks, widely used in the water management, the agriculture, and the industry area. Witkowitz tanks are made from three material – Glass Fused to Steel; Stainless Steel; and Epoxy Coated Steel. The material utilization is similar for all three types. Witkowitz Envi can offer complex solutions for Potable Water Tanks, Waste Water treatment plants (WWTP), Biogas stations (BGS), and Stores of fertilizers (SLMF).


Download Glass Fused Steel Tank Brochure

Potable Water Tank

The potable water tanks are designed as self-supporting covered above-ground cylindrical tanks. A modular design allows to build the tanks with the volume 6 – 4500 m3.

  • Fast assembly
  • Possibility of installation in hard to reach spas
  • Surface protection duration
  • Reusability

Biogas Plant

  • Stabilization of livestock excrements and odor minimization
  • Energy recovery of organic waste
  • Ecological production of electric and thermal energy
  • Reducing the company’s energy expenditure and improving market competitiveness
  • Reducing dependence on fossil fuels and reducing greenhouse gases

Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Small built-up area
  • Easy modular expansion of technology
  • Tanks and technological equipment can be scrapped as scrap metal
  • Full automation with remote data transfer

Liquid Fertilizers Warehouse

These tanks are intended for the storage of liquid fertilizers with the density lower than 1400 kg/m3. The tank is equipped with an enamel roof. The bottom is made of welded steel with a protective coating. The tank is fitted with an access ladder and a service platform.