NXF MexFilTM hollow fiber membranes are used in water, wastewater, and process applications. Membrane are operated in a inside to outside mode. The base chemistry of the membranes is a modified polyethersulfone (PES). Compared to other membrane materials PES enable the production of membranes with very small pore sizes and narrow pore sizes distribution. In addition, it provides outstanding properties with respect to thermal and chemical resistance.


  1. Ultra-thin selective nano-scale layers on chemically resistant Polyethersulphone (PES) support
  2. PES Hollow Fiber geometry :
    • High fouling tolerance, no pre-treatment required
    • Chemical stability : Chlorine tolerant, pH 1-14
    • Backwashable
  3. TSS, Bacteria, Virus, Organics (Micro Pollutant) and Salt Removal
  4. Simple one step water filtration processes with small foot print
  5. Excellent solution for Decentralized Water Treatment
  6. Simple System Integrity measurement
  7. No Chemicals = No sludge production and simple brine discharge
  8. Limited pre-treatment required, no coagulation and no sludge production
  9. Recovery production < 85%

Principle of Operation

The Nanofiltration membranes are manufactured using the so called “layer-by-layer” process, where multiple nano-scale layers are deposited on a membrane support. The number of nano layers determines the rejection and flux properties of the membrane. The HFNF membranes capable in blocking all kinds of micro-pollutants and easier to clean. A unique solution for troubled water, especially colored water and wastewater


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