Enviroswim is a pool technology for the modern age that makes it possible to swim everyday in water that’s cleaner, freshner, purer, than a mountain stream. It’s so efficient! It starts saving your money when you start to install it. Enviroswim can save energy around 20-25% of the total processing costs Enviroswim also can replace the function of chemicals in the treatment of pool water. This make Enviroswimmore efficient and safe. This system provides natural minerals, sound waves, and electronic oxidizing as a process to make the water freshner, cleaner, and purer. Enviroswim is able to keep TDS’s value low, so the water could fresh and environment friendly.

Enviroswim ES3 System

Enviroswim ES3 patented system provides sparkling fresh water using natural minerals, sound waves, and electronic oxidising. Enviroswim water is low in total dissolved solids (TDS’s) creating healthy freshwater environment. Enviroswim ES3 can eliminates the need to purchase, handle or add chlorine, stabiliser, algaecides, and flocculent.
Reduce energy and chemical costs, exposure to toxic / carcinogenic by products associated with chlorine and cyanuric acid. Pool Water / backwash can be used undiluted on gardens and does not attack rock features and copings. Provides a genuine return on investment through low running costs together with health and environmental benefits.


The Enviroswim Oxidizer (Ti) is part of your pool system. The water stays healthy, fresh, and clear without any toxic subtances polluting your swimming environment


Ultrasonic in the Enviroswim system improves the water quality. Removing the scale and preventing formation of scale caused by silica in the water


Inspired by NASA design, Enviroswim is a non-chlorine-based system that activates the ionized minerals. Copper (Cu) and Silver (Ag) to produce clean water-with no harsh chemicals. The system can be applied from small size to resort pool size. Enviroswim guarantees the purest possible water


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Principle Of Operation

After the Pump the water enters the first stage of cleaning with the Cyclone system, this removes up to 80% of the particles suspended in the return water. Thereafter it enters the Cartridge filter which removes remaining particles down to 10 microns. Once the water has been filtered it enters the Enviroswim system where it is 100% sanitized with silver/copper ionizing followed bu Oxidation before entering the Hypersonic chamber. The automatic pH control system leaves you with crystal clear fresh water returning to the pool.


Download Enviroswim Brochure