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Lime Water Processing with Hollow Fiber Nanofiltration System.

Wae kemiri Intake well is located in Soekarno Hatta, Labuan Bajo, Nusa Tenggara Timor. The water from this Intake well have TDS concentration above 500 mg/l as well as hardness above 300mg/l. High level of lime concentrate in the water could negatively affect the health of people who drink this water. Because of this issue, there is a need for proper solution to these problems to be able to maximize the potential form Wae Kemiri intake well.

Hollow Fiber Nanofiltration system (HFNF) is a processing system that are capable to take care the problem with lime and TDS in raw water from Wae Kemiri Intake. Membrane type DNF-40 have capability to lower TDS and remove hardness (lime), Microorganism like virus and bacteria within water. The product from HFNF are potable water that fulfill the drinking water quality standard from Permenkes No. 492, year 2010. HFNF system also capable to perform filtration process with relatively low electricity power and without chemical injection throughout the filtration process

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